Get Homebound Services

Who is eligible?

Any City of Sun Prairie resident, who because of temporary or permanent physical disability, finds it difficult or impossible to visit the library in person.
You must have a valid library card in good standing.
Homebound delivery will be provided until the patron no longer desires it, or when eligibility criteria have elapsed.

How does it work?

Fill out the Homebound Reader Profile and return it to the Adult Services Librarian.
A librarian will contact you to review material selection and set up a volunteer to deliver materials.
A library volunteer wil be scheduled for a once-a-month pickup and delivery.
Only items with a 28-day checkout period may be requested.

How can I become a Homebound volunteer?

Fill out the Application for Volunteer Service.
A short orientation is required.
A valid driver's license and proof of insurance is required.
You will be assigned a homebound patron as needed.

Contact the Information Desk at 825-0702 or by email for more information.

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2014