Natural Energy for Better Health

Monday, April 8 at 6:30pm, Community Room

Do you require a cup of coffee (or several!) in order to feel ready for the day? Do you regularly fall into that afternoon slump and lose your momentum? You often think that if you had more energy you could better navigate your busy life - and maybe even have more fun. Health Coach Sara Ifert from Go Simple Wellness has helped many clients kick their coffee (and sugar) habits while improving their overall energy level, and is excited to share this information with everyone. In this class, she will touch on 5 simple strategies that you can start implementing right away to have more energy. She'll also share tips for getting off the caffeine and sugar roller coaster so you have more consistent energy all day long. No registration required.

Community Room
Adult Information Desk, 825-0702

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2019