Hoopla updates and changes

Due to a significant increase in Hoopla usage over the last few months, we've had to place a limit on the collective number of items borrowed from Hoopla each day in order to stay within our budget. If you receive a message that says your library has reached its daily limit, please try again tomorrow morning since Hoopla resets daily.

We know this is inconvenient to you, and we apologize for this. We are working on solutions right now to minimize the impact.

Please note that you may still be able to borrow Flex titles from Hoopla if they are currently available.

Since the start of the pandemic, the community’s usage of digital materials has gone up. Since 2019, usage has increased by over 100%. In 2022, the library shifted more funds to support Hoopla. However, usage has still outpaced our allocated budget. We made some changes in June which helped a little bit.

Since Hoopla's cost is based on circulation and usage, in order to stay within our budget, we have had to implement daily caps for the rest of the year. October will be the most stringent since we're almost two weeks into the month but things will ease up for November and December.

The library has a budget initiative to increase funding for digital materials for 2023. The City's budget will be discussed at Committee of the Whole meetings for the next few weeks and the budget is scheduled to be adopted on November 15.

What you can do in the meantime: 

  1. Mark the item you’d like as a "Favorite" in the Hoopla app so you can find and borrow it later. You may be able to borrow Flex items immediately if they are currently available. (For help with Flex items, please call the Information Desk at 608-825-0702.)
  2. Try Libby/Overdrive for digital ebooks and digital audiobooks. 
  3. Try Kanopy for video content. 
  4. The library also has physical audiobooks on CD and on playaway, please ask staff if we can assist you in finding materials for you.
  5. Let the Mayor and City Alders know how much you appreciate the library's collection.