Bathroom Renovations

Starting Tuesday, October 1, access to the public restrooms will be limited until sometime in December. Both the Men's and Women's restrooms in our front lobby as well as the Family restroom in the Youth Services department will be affected by this work.

The library building recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. During that time, accessibility guidelines have changed, as have lighting options, and water-saving fixtures have become available. The public restrooms have not had so much as a coat of fresh paint in 20 years, so new fixtures, lighting, updating the layout, and adding diaper-changing stations are much needed changes.

As of November 11, the lobby restrooms are available, and the family restroom is under construction. Work has begun on the Family restroom and the Storytime Room. 

The Family restroom currently takes up part of the Storytime Room. It was decided that the only way to make the Family restroom large enough to meet accessibility guidelines was to completely dismantle it and rebuild it. This part of the project will cause considerable disruption in the Youth Services area. Storytime will be held in the Community Room during construction of the new Family restroom. When the project is finished, both the Storytime Room and Family Restroom will be larger.