Book Drops, an Open Letter

Hello Sun Prairie!

We are living in a 20-year-old building that was built in a time when we typically checked out 10,000 items in a month. We currently check out 5 - 7 times that many items. Our bookdrop was made to hold a lot of stuff, but it's also made for staff to constantly pull bins and clear it throughout a normal day.

On Thursday, May 7, it just got overwhelmed. Operating at minimal staffing, we could not safely contain everything y'all wanted to return. So we locked the bookdrops early on that day.

It's understandable that you might be frustrated by this--especially if you drove a long way to bring your stuff back and you can't return it. We're frustrated by it, too. We wish we had a better solution to this issue.

Our ongoing plan is to open the drops at 9am on Mondays and 3 pm on Thursdays, and keep them open for as long as possible. Bookdrops have been able to stay open until noon on Mondays and 6 pm on Thursdays.

Something new that has happened lately is that our driveway becomes extremely busy from 3-4pm on Thursdays. Please, if you can possibly come a different time to return your items, make plans for that. We recommend 10am on Mondays or 5pm on Thursdays.

Thank you for your patience,

Steev Baker, Head of Access and Circulation Services

Sun Prairie Public Library