Express Service is coming!

Now that Dane County is in the next stage of coronavirus response reopening, what's going on at the library?

As many of you know, staff have been working offsite since March on all sorts of exciting digital content as well as the less exciting (but necessary) "behind the scenes" administrative stuff that has to keep happening. So while we have not been here in the building, and you have not been here in the building, we have been ordering new books and movies, adding new content to the website, offering reference help via email and phone, making new library accounts, offering access to digital material, paying bills, cataloging new things, hosting programs, reading stories, making videos, and planning for the future.

We started offering curbside pickup services in May and the response has been wonderful--we continue to do the above mentioned things, plus now get to pull holds, check in and check out items, and talk with people every day on the phone. Yes, some of us are back in the building again, but we still haven't been able to open our doors to you.

Starting on Monday, June 15th, we'll be offering what we call Express Service. This is a limited re-opening as we try our best to maintain social distancing and the strict cleaning and health policies we have adopted to keep everyone as safe as possible during the pandemic.

In keeping with the policies we have adopted, library staff requests patrons limit time spent in the library to 15 minutes (unless using a library computer).

Express Service will offer:

  • Walk-up access to holds
  • Walk-up service desk help
  • 1-hour computer use time limit
  • Printing/scanning/copying/faxing stations
  • Library cards
  • Taxi coupons, bus passes, and recycle stickers (credit card transactions only!)
  • Curbside pickup of holds
  • Resumption of delivery from other libraries

Express Service will not offer:

  • Browsing of collection
  • Discussion room use
  • Computer lab use
  • Reading room use
  • Youth Services or Adult Services desk access
  • Bathroom use
  • On-site Programs
  • Cash transactions of any kind

We recognize that many of you want the library to just be open regular hours and with our regular services. This will be disappointing for some. The safety of our staff and patrons is very important to us and, while we can only offer partial services at this time, we do see Express Service as a step toward reopening fully.

On June 1st, we will begin posting more detailed information about Express Service.

Until June 15, we will continue to offer only online and phone service and curbside pickup.

Thank you,

Sun Prairie Public Library