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Many of the books on these lists are available in Overdrive or Hoopla, as well as through the LINKcat catalog.

Antiracism Education (updated 4/30/21)
Printable Antiracism Education book list

Armchair Travel (updated 7/31/21)

 Asian American Experience  (updated 4/17/21)
Printable Asian American Experience book list

Awesome Women (updated 4/21/21)
Printable Awesome Women book list

Black Voices (updated 2/22/22)

Book Club Picks - Fiction (updated 1/5/22)

Books to Make You LOL! (updated 4/30/21)

Celebrating Asian Culture (updated 4/19/21) 

Christian and Amish Fiction (updated 8/28/21)
Christian and Amish Fiction Printable

Coming of Age Reads (updated 5/21/21)

Contemporary Women's Fiction (updated 12/28/21)

Cookbooks (updated 5/4/21)

Cozy Mysteries (updated 9/3/21)
Cozy Mystery Authors Printable

Disability Visibility (updated 4/27/21)

Dystopian (updated 5/11/21)

Excellent on Audio (updated 7/27/21)

Explore African Cultures (updated 5/8/21)

First in a Series (updated 7/27/21)

Gentle Reads (updated 5/11/21)

Graphic Novels (updated 4/20/21)

Historical Fiction (updated 5/11/21)
Printable Historical Fiction book list

Hoopla Picks (updated 4/22/21)

Horror (updated 5/1/21)



Indigenous Authors (updated 6/15/21)

Inspirational Fiction (updated 9/3/21)
Inspirational Fiction author list

Legal Thrillers (updated 7/19/21)

LGBTQIA+ (updated 5/1/21)
Printable LGBTQIA+ book list

Mental Health Awareness (updated 7/20/21)

Memorable Memoirs (updated 7/21/21)

Mysteries and Police Procedurals (updated 7/16/21)

Nostalgic Reads (updated 5/19/21)

Poetry (updated 7/23/21)

Political Thrillers (updated 7/19/21)

Psychological Thrillers (updated 12/28/21)

Romantic Reads (updated 2/22/22)

Science Fiction and Fantasy (updated 5/8/21) 

Short and Sweet (updated 4/20/21)

Sports Stories (updated 5/23/21)

Teen Reads for Adults (updated 5/27/21)

Transgender, Gender Nonbinary, and Gender Non-Conforming Voices (updated 8/5/21)

Translated Books (updated 10/21/21)

True Adventure and Survival (updated 4/30/21)

True Crime (updated 5/11/21)

Urban Fiction (updated 6/25/21)
Printable list of authors of Urban Fiction

Westerns (updated 5/4/21)
Printable list of authors of Westerns

Wisconsin Authors (updated 4/30/21)
Printable list of Midwest authors