Send a Fax

Sending faxes is free.




  • Visit our Copy Center and use the Easy Fax option to send faxes at no cost.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I fax to a Long Distance number?


Can I fax to an International number?


Can I have a fax sent to me at the library?


            No.  Our service is Sending only.


What is the receiving number for this fax machine?

            There is no receiving number.  Our service is Sending only.

Can I send legal size documents?


Can I send tabloid (11X17) documents?

            Our faxing device can scan/send an 11 x 17 document, but the device your recipient uses may not be able to print that size.  We recomment reducing documents to 8.5 x 11 or 8.5x 14 before faxing them.

What if I have an unused pre-paid fax card or unused pages on a prepaid fax card?

Turn in your unused card/pages in exchange for unlimited free faxing at Sun Prairie  Public Library!!


Need help using the Copy Center?  Assistance is available at the Information Desk.