Toddler Tales - Advanced Registration Required

Toddler Tales

For toddlers 16-32 months and their caregivers. One child per adult.

Toddler Tales introduces nursery and action rhymes, songs, stories, letters, sounds, and new words.  This program is tailored to the shorter attention spans of a younger audience and lasts 20 minutes, with time for free play and visiting in the storytime room after the program. 


Please note: Toddler Tales is specifically geared for one-on-one parent-toddler interactions and older children are not permitted to attend the program.  If you are unable to make alternate arrangements for your older children, Small Fry Lapsit Storytime is a better fit for you. Small Fry is open to all ages, including older children.


Due to overwhelming interest in Toddler Tales and Baby & Me, please remember when signing up that you and your child are making a commitment to be present for the entire Winter/Spring session.  If you are planning on missing more than 1 day (a planned absence such as a vacation) please talk to Lynn before you register.


If you have any questions about Toddler Tales or Baby & Me, please ask at the Children’s Desk!


Storytime Room
Children's Desk 608-825-0701

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018