Drive-thru Pickup Window

two people waving with contactless pickup

Drive-thru Window

Monday, 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Tuesday, 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Wednesday, 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Thursday, 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Friday, 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm

Saturday, 10am - 1pm

Sunday, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

All holds should be picked up through our drive-up window until further notice. Please continue to make appointments through Capira. We will continue to allow for same-day pickup, but be aware that wait times may be longer than usual as the line for the window will include reservations, same-day pickup, and bookdrop returns. We encourage all patrons to make appointments unless absolutely necessary to use same-day pickup services.

Drive-up holds pickup is available with or without an appointment, but pickup is faster when you have a time reserved.

Pick-ups will take around 5 minutes per vehicle, so if 2 cars are in front of you, expect to wait 15 minutes before you have your holds in hand.

Say Hello at the Window!

  1. Staff is on-site, but not immediately next to the window, so please drive up and say hello into the intercom
  2. Staff will greet you and ask for your card number and name
  3. After confirming your hold availability, staff will pull your hold and check it out
  4. Please roll your window up and wait for staff to place item(s) on shelf
  5. Staff will step away from the window
  6. Roll your window down and pick up your items
  7. Drive away carefully, yielding to traffic from the right

NOTE: The only service offered at the drive-thru window is holds pickup. Returns can be placed in the drive-up return slots prior to visiting us at the window!

For questions about other services, please contact us.