About the Library

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Our vision is a dynamic, positive community force connecting all to the world of ideas, information and discovery in a safe, welcoming space where everyone feels they belong.


We serve the community as an accessible central hub supporting lifelong learning and literacy through educational, cultural, and enjoyable discovery opportunities for all.


Serving with Integrity is providing relevant and accessible services that respect all community members and their information needs, right to privacy, and intellectual freedom.

  • We are transparent in our words and actions.
  • We practice empathy.
  • We are accurate and consistent.
  • We respect privacy and opinions.
  • We provide data-driven decisions that lead to effective outcomes.

Striving for Excellence  is by rising to new challenges and opportunities and innovatively embracing creativity and change. We cooperatively construct a healthy organizational culture allowing each of us to thrive.

  • We actively support and empower each other.
  • We offer quality programs, materials, and resources that are accessible to all.
  • We build and maintain authentic connections with our community members and each other.
  • We stay on the leading edge of technology.

Engaging the Community is building connections with community members and organizations. Our services, resources, and gathering spaces are inclusive and we engage in the civic live of the community through opportunities for residents of all ages and interests.

  • We develop collections that meet diverse needs and interests.
  • We actively seek feedback and input from community members.
  • We stay informed of local interests and concerns, popular culture, and current events that may affect the residents of the Sun Prairie Area.
  • We reach out to and engage with the entire community through library outreach programs, a variety of media sources, social media and technology.

Looking Forward by recognizing that our community is changing and responding to those changes to remain relevant and vital. Our facilities, services, and collections are adaptable to the needs of generation to come.


The policies of the library are governed by a Library Board, made up of community members.

Library Staff acts on behalf of the City of Sun Prairie to enact the Mission of the library.

The Sun Prairie Public Library was founded in 1901. Find out more!

Closed Dates:


  • September 2, 2024 - Labor Day
  • November 28 & 29, 2024 - Thanksgiving
  • December 24 & 25, 2024 - Christmas Eve/Day
  • December 31, 2024 - New Year's Eve
  • January 1, 2025 - New Year's Day


  • January 1, 2025 - New Year's Day
  • January 20, 2025 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • March 20, 2025 - Spring Holiday
  • May 26, 2025 - Memorial Day
  • July 4, 2025 - Independence Day
  • September 1, 2025 - Labor Day
  • November 27 & 28, 2025 - Thanksgiving
  • December 24 & 25, 2025 - Christmas Eve/Day
  • December 31, 2025 - New Year's Eve
  • January 1, 2026 - New Year's Day