Support Us

hand holding a paper heart with the words support the library

From volunteering to shelf read to helping craft the future of the library, there are many ways you can support the Sun Prairie Public Library!

Friends of Sun Prairie Public Library

The Friends is a {501 {c}{3} nonprofit organization that supplies the library with volunteers and funding for non-budgeted library programs and supplies. The primary focus of the Friends has been the management of the Read Before Bookstore--the only used books store in Sun Prairie. Membership in the Friends is tax deductible and donations can be made online here.

Library Foundation

The Sun Prairie Public Library Foundation was founded in 1999 to manage donations and create an endowment for the Library. In 2006, the Foundation reached its initial goal of $100,000, which allowed us to give 50% of the investment income to the library every year. In 2017, the Foundation reached its next goal of $500,000 and is now able to give 100% of investment income to the library each year.  These funds allow the library to go above and beyond its City funding to achieve exceptional levels of service, programming, and technology for the community. ​The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and operates independently of any government oversight. It is governed by articles of incorporation, by-laws, and an investment policy for the endowment. Donate to the Foundation here.


Volunteers provide value-added services to the library and include positions within the Friends, Foundation, or Library Board. Volunteers assist staff by shelf reading, data entry, decorating, and more.