Great Teen Reads

Each list is organized by author last name.

Action and Adventure for Tweens

Action (Authors A-H)               Action (Authors I-Z)          Printable Version


Teen Classics and Future Classics

Classics (Authors A-K)    Classics (Authors L-Z)

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Walk in Somone Else's Shoes: Diverse Books for Teens

Diverse (Authors A-L)               Diverse (Authors M-Z)

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Dystopian, Rebellion, and Survival for Teens

Dystopian (Authors A-K)     Dystopian (Authors L-Z)

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Fantasy for Teens

Fantasy (Authors A-J)         Fantasy (Authors K-Z)

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Fantasy for Tweens

Fantasy (Authors A-H)         Fantasy (Authors I-Z)

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Funny Fiction for Teens

Funny (Authors A-J)              Funny (Authors K-Z)

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Great Graphic Novels & Nonfiction for Teens

Graphics (Authors A-M)         Graphics (Authors N-Z)

Graphic Novel Nonfiction     

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Grit Lit - Tough Tales for Mature Teens

Grit Lit  (Authors A-L)            Grit Lit (Authors M-Z)

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Historical Fiction for Teens

Hist Fiction (Authors A-L)      Hist Fiction (Authors M-Z)

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  Like Never and Always

Horror and Thrillers for Teens

Horror (Authors A-K)              Horror (Authors L-Z)

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LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction & Nonfiction

LGBTQ+ (Authors A-G)    LGBTQ+ (Authors H-M)

LGBTQ+ (Authors N-Z)    LGBTQ+ Nonfiction

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Bungo Stray Dogs, Volume 1

Manga for Teens

Manga (Authors A-K)         Manga (Authors L-Z)

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Music Books for Teens

Music (Authors A-K)         Music (Authors L-Z)

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Mysteries for Teens

Mysteries (Authors A-K)         Mysteries (Authors L-Z)

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Teen Nonfiction that Tells a Story

Nonfiction (000-899)     Nonfiction (900-999)

Nonfiction Graphic Novels     

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Teen Poetry & Novels in Verse

Poetry (Authors A-H)        Poetry (Authors I-Z)

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Realistic Fiction for Teens

Real Life (Authors A-K)       Real Life (Authors L-Z)

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Romance Fiction for Teens

Romance (Authors A-K)       Romance (Authors L-Z)       Printable Version


Science Fiction for Teens

Sci-Fi (Authors A-K)            Sci-Fi (Authors L-Z)

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Short Stories for Teens

Short (Authors A-L)    Short (Authors M-Z)

Short Story Nonfiction     

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Social Justice Books for Teens

Social Justice Fiction         Social Justice Nonfiction

Social Justice Graphic Novels     

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Teen Sports Fiction & Nonfiction

Sports (Authors A-K)         Sports (Authors L-Z)

Sports Nonfiction     

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Michael L. Printz Award Winner and Honor Books

Printz (Authors A-H)    Printz (Authors I-P)     

Printz (Authors Q-Z)

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Challenger Deep

Other Young Adult Book Awards

ALA Top Ten Young Adult Books

Alex Award Winners

National Book Award for Young People's Literature

William C. Morris Award


World War II History

WWII History: Fiction           WWII History: Non-Fiction

WWII History: Audiobooks   WWII History: DVDs

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