Library Card Application

Library account application

Thank you for your interest in a library account! This form is for people who do not have a card from any library in the South Central Library System (SCLS).

If you already have an account for Sun Prairie, Madison, or any other library in SCLS, you can already use your card to access digital material. Just log in with your card number and 4-digit PIN.

Questions? Please contact the library at

Type of Card
Please enter your full name and surname, if different from the above name.

For an Organization account, please fill out the name fields with the name of the contact person.

Please use the address of the organization for the address fields.

We will contact you by email to confirm information.

Hold pick up
Borrowing relationship
Please allow someone else to pick up and check out my holds with their card:
Acceptance of responsibility - Please read carefully
  • I will be responsible for all material checked out on this card, including material checked out by others without my consent, unless I have previously reported the loss of my card.
  • I will comply with all library rules and policies.
  • I understand there may be charges for lost, damaged, or stolen library material.
  • I understand that the library provides access to a broad range of resources and that it is my responsibility to judge for myself and for my children or minor dependents what resources are appropriate for my/our personal use.

You will receive an email from the Sun Prairie Public Library within 48 hours. The email will contain your library card number and PIN.

You may use this card number and PIN to access all online resources, as well as place holds on items from the LINKcat catalog.

Questions? Call the library at 608-825-7323 or email staff at

Thank you!

Sun Prairie Public Library

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