Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

paper cut-out silhouettes of faces in a variety of skin-toned colors

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee to the Library Board


The Sun Prairie Public Library Board is seeking three individuals to serve on the newly established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee to the Library Board.


We are guided by a commitment to advance equity, honor our diverse identities, and create an inclusive culture for all. These serve as our guiding principles every day in all that we do.

The Sun Prairie Public Library is embarking on an exciting new phase. The current building is over 20 years old and a 2018 Architectural Analysis determined the facility is undersized for our growing community. In addition, the current space is lacking in features to meet 21st century public library service needs. Most importantly, the library’s expansion and renovation will include spaces and services to meet the needs and goals of residents representing all dimensions of identity.

The first responsibility of the DEI Committee will be to work closely with the Library’s Facility Committee and professional architects to help identify and prioritize inclusive services and the spaces and features necessary to meet our community’s needs and goals as it relates to these services.

Timeline for the Library Board and DEI Committee:

1) Application closing date: 5pm, August 27, 2021

2) Establish DEI Committee by September 1, 2021

3) Introduce DEI Committee to the Library Board on September 9, 2021

4) DEI Committee’s first meeting: TBD

5) DEI Committee will meet monthly. Date and time: TBD.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the DEI Committee is to advise the Library Board in all areas of their work, using the lens of the guiding principles to ensure that the needs, interests, and goals of all residents are included. The Library Board includes additional committees that regularly review the library’s policies, strategic plan, and facility needs as part of their advocacy work.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The responsibilities and composition of the committee are outlined in the Sun Prairie Public Library’s Bylaws and are as follows:

a. Composed of five members to include three individuals, one library staff member and one library board trustee. This is not a Library Board position.

b. Understand and advocate for inclusive library services and resources.

c. Provide opportunities for staff training in issues of diversity and inclusion.

d. Set annual goals and assess activities for the committee.

e. Assess diversity, equity and inclusion activities and make recommendations to the Library Board in a timely manner.


Sun Prairie Public Library serves the community as an activity center to support lifelong learning by providing educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for all people.


The Sun Prairie Public Library serves as a dynamic, positive force in the community. We connect residents with the world of ideas, literacy, literature, and information and aspire to create opportunities for all residents to participate, connect and discover innovative, traditional, and emerging library resources and services.


Serving with Integrity is providing considerate and inclusive service that respects all community members and their information needs, privacy, and right to intellectual freedom. We are committed to the responsible stewardship of library materials and spaces.

· We are transparent in our words and actions.

· We practice empathy.

· We are accurate and consistent.

· We respect privacy and opinions.

· We provide data-driven decisions that lead to effective outcomes.

Striving for Excellence is rising to new challenges and opportunities by embracing creativity and change through innovation. We are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring and we cooperatively construct a healthy organizational culture that allows each of us to thrive.

· We actively support and empower each other.

· We offer quality programs, materials, and resources that are accessible to all.

· We build and maintain authentic connections with our community members and each other.

· We stay on the leading edge of technology.

Engaging the Community is building connections with community members and organizations. Our services, resources, and gathering spaces are inclusive and we engage in the civic life of the community by incorporating engagement opportunities for residents of all ages and interests.

· We develop collections that meet diverse needs and interests.

· We actively seek feedback and input from community members.

· We keep our fingers on the pulse of the community.

· We reach out to and engage with the entire community through library outreach programs, a variety of media sources, social media and technology.